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Chief Canoes

Chief Canoes

Chief Canoes are the only canoes we carry. Built for over 30 years with pride by skilled Florida craftsmen, they are super tough, and can take anything that you can dish out.

Our 16 foot Squareback Chief is extra wide at 40 inches at the beam, which provides lots of room for gear and adds extra stability. Also, this 16 footer features an optional  glassed in center dry storage / livewell that adds extra strength and stability. The 16 Foot Chief will handle up to a 5hp engine.

At 80 pounds, the 16 foot Chief is light enough to carry on top of your vehicle!

Colors- Florida Camouflage, Canary Yellow, Military Olive, Everglades Green, Sky Blue, Sport Red,

Standard features- Vinyl Gunwales, Aluminum Thwarts, Aluminum Carrying Handles, Suspended Fiberglass seats, Fiberglass End caps, Foam Flotation, Stainless Steel Hardware

Inquire About Other Chief Models- 12 ft. Brave, 14 Foot Scout, 13'8" Chief Squareback, 15'10" Chief Squareback

Canary Yellow

Everglades Green

Military Olive

Florida Camouflage






Bow of the 16 ft. Chief

Suspended fiberglass seats with the "bottom curve" contour

Built in Livewell/Storage


Stern of the 16 ft. Chief Squareback