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Asymmetrical Spoon

Cannon Paddles

Asymmetrical Spoon

The Cannon Brand has been a name in the paddle business since 1958. Cannon, whose name is taken from the Cannon River in Minnesota, was the first paddle to combine a plastic blade and an aluminum shaft. The first Cannon Paddles were canoe paddles. Over the years Cannon has changed its emphasis to become a force in flat water kayak paddles.

In 1982, the company that started the Cannon brand was purchased by the Stuart Lee family under the name Lee's Value Right, Inc. Stu, a mechanical engineer with a background in plastics design and plastic moulding, has reshaped the pioneer paddle business to share in the kayaking explosion. Cannon uses performance design combined with construction variations to serve varied beeds such as light weight or great durability.

Cannon Paddles offers a vast array of paddles for recreational and touring kayakers. Wheather you want to ride the surf of the Carribbean seas, explore the Great Lakes, move your way through the distant waters of Santorini, take on a bit of the Pacific Rim or just paddle with your kids in smooth, close-to-home waters, Cannon has the paddles to suit your performance needs, style and quality expectations.